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Green D Ventures is a community of Dartmouth alums: investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and innovation enthusiasts, with a connection to Dartmouth College. At our core, we are a Dartmouth alumni venture fund investing in Dartmouth alum-led companies. We are private, for profit, and not part of Dartmouth. We strongly believe that we can do more together than we can alone. The Green D Ventures Fund 4 is now accepting new investors. Click the green button to join our community, sign up for our newsletter, and/or to indicate your interest as an accredited investor.

Community Newsletter

Why Invest?


Smart Asset Allocation

A simple, intelligent way to a venture portfolio: following smart, experienced leads; investing over time; and creating a diversified portfolio.

Access to Top-Tier Deals

We invest in professional venture and growth rounds typically unavailable to individual investors.


Network and socialize with a large, established group of Dartmouth entrepreneurs and investors.

Transparency & Communication

Access to diligence materials, management conversations, and deal-related information for each investment. Just a single K-1.

Pay It Forward

Invest in promising companies in the growing Dartmouth entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Invest additional capital on a deal-by-deal basis as you wish.
Home Bottom
Home Bottom

Investment Approach

  • Profit driven. Our fund is private, for profit, and ROI driven.
  • Networked capital & deal sourcing. Every year, we raise capital from up to 99 alums ($50k – $1M per investor). We are introduced to deals by our investors and others in the Dartmouth venture ecosystem.
  • Diverse and broad. We invest in 15 – 25 deals per year spanning a range of industries, stages, and geographies.
  • Connected co-investment. We primarily invest alongside top-tier venture investors. We do not lead deals, price rounds, or take Board seats. We aim to be valuable to the portfolio company and frictionless in the deal.

Our Style

  • Intentionally inclusive. We are an experienced, diverse community from different Dartmouth schools and backgrounds, with different reasons for being involved.
  • Open. Our level of community involvement and transparency is unprecedented in the VC community.
  • High tech and high touch. We make intelligent use of technology, while also enjoying meet-ups and connecting.
  • Hard-nosed, soft-hearted. We are tough decision-makers and invest in only a small percentage of the deals we see. Yet we’ll hear anyone’s pitch and strive to be supportive and helpful.
  • Optimistic. We believe that we can help foster entrepreneurship and aim to add value for anyone in the Green D Ventures community.