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We help individual alumni investors add venture capital to their portfolio in a simple and smart way.

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What We Offer Investors

Our fund is based on this simple idea: we can do better investing in venture capital together than any one of us can do alone.  We are pleased to provide the simplest and smartest way to add venture capital to your personal portfolio. Over the past 50 years, venture capital has consistently outperformed public equities (click here for detailed data).

We have a point of view for accredited investors who want venture capital:
  1. They should have a large, diverse portfolio
  2. They should follow smart lead investors
  3. They should invest over multiple years

All of our investment offerings (see below) reflect this approach. 

Option 1 - Annual Funds

This is our most popular offering (our 2015 and 2016 funds were oversubscribed) and is simple and straightforward for investors. Each professionally managed Annual Fund consists of 15 - 25 top venture-backed companies. These investments are typically not available to individual investors. We only co-invest behind top-tier lead investors, and the portfolio is diversified across stage, industry, and geography. We conduct independent due diligence and our Investment Committee (consisting of alums with strong investing backgrounds) assists in deal evaluation and portfolio creation.

Investors receive a single K-1 for each fund, which, along with statements, we deliver in late February. Annual Fund investors also get access to Co-Investment Program offerings before others in our investor community. Investors also have access to documents and individual portfolio information 24/7 through our secure, online investor portal.

Invitations for Green D 4 will go out in July 2017. The max is $1M and the min is $50K.

Option 2 - Co-Investment Program

This is a great way for newcomers, or those waiting to get into a future Annual Fund, to start to participate in venture capital with us. While only 15-20% of the Annual Fund deals are available through this program, the minimum is low, typically $5,000. Investors will also receive opportunities through our sibling funds. Annual Fund investors will typically get access to Co-Investment Program offerings before others in our investor community.


Arrange a call with Managing Partner Mike Collins '86. Just email to schedule a discussion.

Investors must be accredited or qualified. Click here to read the official SEC guidelines for accredited investors. Click here to read the official guidelines for qualified investors.